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ANSC - Local authentification with domain doesn't work

Added by Erwan SEVELLEC 4 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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We did implement some domain truncate for ANSC authentication in Xuc.
It means if a user has a username "jbond" and use "". We first try to find a user "" then retrying with "jbond". This authentication method work fine with SSO and LDAP. However it doesn't work with xivo authentication.

Note : We need to retest OIDC / LDAP connection as we added USM logging using username, we might use the "wrong" one and throw unexpected errors.


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Merge request xuc :

I tested to fix the login used to repair XiVO local authentication with domain. It worked but it broke the LDAP authentication with longname. I'm not sure it's an issue, I'm quite sure it can be handled with a modification of the LDAP query.
I sent a mail to Pascal to validate the behavior, please don't merge until the response.

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