Call contact from Outlook

Added by Albert Saab about 3 years ago


I am trying to call my contacts directly from outlook using XIVO client but it is not working.
Can anyone help?


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RE: Call contact from Outlook - Added by Laurent MEILLER about 3 years ago

Hello Albert, unfortunately XiVO client only support tel:// and callto:// protocols that's maybe why you don't succeed to call your numbers from outlook.

If however, they are tel links but it still don't work it's probably because the registration of protocols in xivo-client is outdated for recent version of WIndows 10.

We stopped the evolution of Xivo client since a while and replaced it by a full web Electron powered application (UC assistant) in recent XiVO versions. This app alllow you to be able to make some "select to call" (see select2call)
Furthermore tel and callto protocol registration works for recent windows update and we ensure that works with new changes.

If you still want to try to make xivo-client works with tel or callto links, you can maybe have a look at this thread

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