Nouvelle version corrective : 2024.05.06 (Maia.06)

La version corrective 2024.05.06 (Maia.06) est disponible.
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2024.05.06 (Maia.06)

C'est une Maia.05 mais Maia.06 pour le recording-server

Voir la Roadmap de la 2024.05.05 (Maia.05) et 2024.05.06 (Maia.06).

Bugs fixés

10 bugs ont été fixés dans la 2024.05.05 (Maia.05)

Focus sur quelques bugs

(#7673) When inviting an operator from another UCAddon in my meetme, he does not see the call as a conference
(#7807) Attended transfer and retrieve call from queue is not passing call id to hold current conversation
(#7745 Being invited to a MeetMe conference with user pin code does not let you in automatically
(#7766) Meetme invitation in Organizer mode of MDS user asks for conference PIN
(#7779) As a recording server user, I want a user friendly interface to search recordings
(#7695) Add HA compatibility to conferenceInclude API

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