Nouvelle version corrective : Deneb.13

Added by Benoit SCHULER almost 3 years ago


Voir la Roadmap de la xivo:version:Deneb.13.

Bugs fixés

16 bugs ont été fixés dans la Deneb.13

Focus sur quelques bugs


  • #2374 - Enhance CSV update/import by removing the duplicate calls to provd
  • #3159 - Monit should supervise asterisk on MDS
  • #3167 - Enhance CSV update/import by adding a message in confd logs when import/update is actually finished
  • #3196 - Do not show wrong user's context in the incoming DID menu

CC Agent

  • #2776 - Agent may not have dissuasion rights after login if he also uses UC Assistant
  • #3168 - Some users can't receive FlashText

Web Assistant

  • #3136 - History display on ucassistant on Windows is broken


  • #3171 - Some columns from queue_logs are not mapped into kibana

Mise à jour

  1. Consulter la Release notes,
  2. Mettre à jour en suivant les procédures :
    1. Upgrade de XiVO PBX
    2. Upgrade XiVO CC

Desktop Assistant

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